Minako Hitomi

The Choosen of Ymir


Name: Minako Hitomi
Player: Daniele Rebeque
Power Level: 6
Power Points: 92

STR: +1
CON: +2
DES: +4
INT: +1
WIS: +2
CHA: +2

Tough: +2¹/+6
Fortitude: +5
Reflex: +8/+10³
Will: +6
¹ Without Combat Advantage
² Versus Area Attacks

Melee: +6
Ranged: +3
Defense: 16
Initiative: +4

Acrobatics 5 (+9)
Athletics 3 (+4)
Awareness 5 (+7)
Expertise (Priestess) 3 (+5)
Interaction 3 (+5)
Technology 2 (+3)
Thievery 3 (+7)
Wilderness 2 (+4)

Benefit (Uses Wisdom to Melee damage)
Defensive Roll 4
Instant Up
Second Chance (Will Saves)
Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)

Fire Control (Move Object 6, Range: 30 Meters) (3 PP)
Descriptors: Ether, Fire
Flaw: Duration (Concentration)
Flaw: Limited Material 2 (Fire)
Fire Blast (Blast 6, DC 21) (Alternate Power)
Flaw: Action (Full Round)
Flaw: Distracting
Drawback: Power Loss 2 (Must Have Both Hands Free)

Inari’s Blessing (Container) (6 PP)
Descriptors: Yggdrasil
Fox Senses (Super-Senses 2) (Acute and Extended: Hearing)
Drawback: Noticiable (Animal Ears Pop Out)

Hear The Planet (Comprehend 3) (Animals (Speak To and Understand), Plants (Understand))
Flaw: Broad Group (Uncorrupted Beigns)

Holy Presence (Immunity 4) (Disease, Environmental Conditions: Cold and Heat, Poison)
Flaw: Limited: Half Effect

Martial Arts (Array 4) (6 PP)
Descriptors: Skill, Training
Drawback: Power Loss 3 (Must Have Both Hands and Feets Free)
Martial Stance (Strike 4, DC 21) (Base Power)
Feat: Defensive Attack
Feat: Grappling Finesse
Feat: Improved Throw
Power Feat: Mighty

Mighty Fist (Strike 4, DC 21) (Alternate Power)
Feat: Power Attack
Feat: Second Chance (Mighty Fist To-Hit Rolls)
Power Feat: Extended Reach (2 meters)
Power Feat: Mighty
Extra: Secondary Effect
Flaw: Action (Full Round)

Ofuda (Variable 1) (2 PP)
Descriptors: Ether, Light, Lux
Drawback: Power Loss 2 (Must Have Both Hands Free)
Seal of Exorcism (Power Setting, Strike 6, DC 21)
Power Feat: Incurable
Power Feat: Progression, Increase Area (30 Meters)
Extra: Area (Cloud)
Flaw: Action (Full Round)
Flaw: Limited (Only Corrupted Beings)

Seal of Fox Spirit (Power Setting, Container)
Enhanced Trait 1 (Thievery +2)
Shrinking 4 (-4 STR, -1 Toughness, -1 Size Category (Atk/Def Mod. +1))
Extra: Normal Movement
Drawback: Temporary Disability 3 (Loses Ability To Speak, Lose Manipulative Members)
Speed 1 (16 meters)
Super-Senses 2 (Low-Light Vision, Scent)

Seal of Illusion (Power Setting, DC 16)
Illusion 6 (Two Sense Types: Sight and Hearing)
Power Feat: Slow Fade 2 (30 Seconds)
Extra: Duration 2 (Continuous)
Flaw: Action (Full Round)
Flaw: Fades (Recast)
Flaw: Feedback
Flaw: Phantasms

Seal of Speed (Power Setting)
Leaping 2 (18 Meters)
Speed 2 (36 Meters/Round)
Extra: Affect Others
Flaw: Tiresome (Always Cause a Level of Fatigue in The Target)
Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling (Half Speed))
Flaw: Limited (Must Be Running)

Ymir’s Wisdom (Enhanced Trait 1) (1 PP)
Descriptors: Yggdrasil, Skill
Tecnology +6
Flaw: Uncontrollable
Flaw: Limited (Only Knowledge Before The Dark War)


Minako Hitomi

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