Galatea Yolov

A Heavy Armored, Near Invulnerable Gunslinger


Name: Galatea Yolov
Player: Phillipi
Power Level:6
Power Points: 92

STR: +6
CON: +3
DEX: +2
INT: +1
WIS: +0
CHA: +1

Tough: +6¹/+7²/+8
Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +5/+6³
Will: +5
¹ Without Leather Jacket and Combat Advantage
² Without Leather Jacket or Combat Advantage
³ Versus Area Attacks

Melee: +3
Ranged: +6
Defense: 13
Initiative: +2

Acrobatics 4 (+6)
Athletics 2 (+8)
Awareness 5 (+5)
Expertise (Law Enforcer) 2 (+2)
Interaction 1 (+1)
Technology 4 (+5)

Benefit (Lieutenant of Atwight) 2
Defensive Roll
Equipment 1
Instant Up
Quick Draw
Ultimate Effort (Toughness Checks)
Withstand Damage

Combat Style (Variable 1) (1 PP)
Descriptors: Skill, Training
Drawback: Action (Power Switch: Move Action)
Drawback: Power Loss 2 (Must Be Equipped With a Gun)
Berserker Mode (Power Setting)
Feats: All Out Attack, Diehard, Fast Overrun, Improved Overrun, Takedown Attack
Blast Mode (Power Setting)
Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Improved Critical 2 (Pandora’s Box), Move By Action, Power Attack
Sniper Mode (Power Setting)
Feats: Accurate Attack, Improved Aim, Precise Shot 2, Second Chance(Ranged Attack Rolls)
Survive Mode (Power Setting)
Feats: Defensive Attack, Elusive Target, Evasion, Improved Defense 2

Heavy Frame (Container) (31 PP)
Descriptors: Ether, Earth
Power Feat: Innate
Density 6 (+12 STR, +3 Toughness, Weight Multiplier x5 (230 Kg), Adds: Immovable 2, Super Strenght 2)
Flaw: Permanent
Immunity 11 (Life Support, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst)
Flaw: Limited (Half-Effect)
Shield 2 (+2 Defense Bonus)
Super-Senses 4 (Awareness: Ether (Smell), Danger Sense (Hearing), Darkvision)

Pandora’s Box (Device 3)
Descriptors: Ether, Ergheiz
Power Feat: Use Restricted to Group (Ergheiz)
Flaw: Easy to Lose
Drawback: Normal Appearance
Drawback: Power Loss (Must Have One Hand Free)
PF013: Epidemic (Blast 6, DC 21) (Base Power)
Power Feat: Split Attack (2 Targets)

PF124: Hatred (Blast 6, DC 21) (Alternate Power)
Power Feat: Homing (1 Attempt)
Extra: Area (Explosion)

Flaw: Action (Full Round)
PF262: Jealousy (Blast 6, DC 21) (Alternate Power)
Power Feat: Improved Range (60 Meters)
Extra: Multiattack
Flaw: Low Penetration (Impervious Toughness Of Target Is Doubled)

Gilgamesh (Pandora’s Box Alternate Power)
Air Hike (Leaping 1, 9 Meters)
PF077: Crush (Strike 6, DC 21) (Base Power)
Extra: Penetrating
PF088: Kick 13 (Strike 6, DC 21)
Extra: Multiattack
PF099: Shock! (Strike 6, DC 21)
Extra: Area (Burst)
Extra: Knockback
Flaw: Action (Full Round)

Pandora’s Bracer (Device 1)
Descriptors: Ether, Ergheiz
Power Feat: Use Restricted to Group (Ergheiz)
Flaw: Easy to Lose
Healing 6
Extra: Restoration
Flaw: Personal
Flaw: Fades (Needs to Change the Nova Crystal)
Drawback: Power Loss (Must Be Able to Touch the Bracer)

Light Crimson Pistol
Descriptors: Piercing, Equipment, Gun
Damage: +2 (DC 17) Critical: 20 Range: 9 Meters

Leather Jacket
Descriptors: Armor, Equipment Toughness: +1

Ether Jamming (Cannot Use Ether-Based Equipment and Items, Suffer Half Effect of the Healing Power; Very Common, Major)


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Galatea Yolov

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